​Dee Archer

Walk On video created by Dee Archer.  

Photo credits - In order of appearance.  Thank you to these brilliant photographers.  All photos discovered on Flckr: (photo names here are created by for easy identification - actual name of photo on Flckr may be different): 

Storm Clouds: Fernando Bryan Frizzarin

Girl Railroad Tracks: Lu.U

Bali Woman: David Gonzalez Amaya

Women Bags:  Pipoyjohn

Indian Woman Light: one black line

Woman Eyes: Yoan Bernabeu

Muslim Schoolgirls: Maciej Dakowicz

Native Woman: Nick Kenrick

Woman Walking Shorts: Till Krech

Lost in Woods: Arjun Singha

Sunlight in Darkness: Vafa Nematzadeh

Boy Flag: Valstar 2011

Kids Together: Lincoln Child Center 1

Women Back Bags: Cody McLain

ONLY sign: Christopher Dahl

Ballerinas: George Eastman House

Candle: Colton Sammons
Woman Biking Sunlight: Thiago Lopes

​Geese Soaring: Michael Stolz

Photo credits continued....

Bushes Landscape: Of Shadow and Light
Girl Tree Whisper:  Antonio          

Girl Hands To Face Blue wings (Cover): Mari Nino

Dog Whisper: Alba Luisa Gomez

2 People By Water Flow: John D. Carnessiotis

Umbrella: Mattias Tyllander

Stars & Constellations: robarent

Young Girl: Unknown

Old Woman In Red : N Farmer

Women Pushing Strollers:  Ed Yourden

Woman and Children: George Eastman House

NYC Policewoman: Mato

Woman in Headscarf: Unknown

Suffragettes With Umbrellas: Becky Haltermon

Votes For Women: Robee Shephard

Woman Doctor: Robert Hauser

Women Execs: NAFA Panel - Working Mother Media

Basketball Players: Georgetown Voice

Teacher: Richard Resnick

Girl With Glowing Heart In Hand: Marissa McPeak

Milky Way: Jeff Hammond

​Old Woman's Hands: Dianne van de Kerkhof